Frequently Asked Questions

To make thing easier for you, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them. Click a question below to view the answer.

– Receive a magnetic wine card from a member of the staff when entering the bar. Each card has a 50 Euro limit.
– Take a glass at the bar.
– Go to the wine dispensers and choose a wine.
– Insert the card next to the sign «Insert your card into reader»
– Choose the amount you wish to have (50, 100, 150 ml)
– Put the glass under the tap and press the button representing your chosen amount
– Take your wine card and keep it until the end of your visit (do not forget it in wine dispenser)
– Enjoy your wine!

All of the wine dispensers are calibrated and automatically pour the selected quantity of wine.

No. You will be charged at the end of your visit when you return the wine card. We can see what you took from the dispensers by scanning the card and then we can add the spent amount to your receipt.

No. You will pay only for the amount you took from the dispensers.

Every time that you put the card in the wine dispenser, the amount that is left from the starting 50 Euros is shown on the screen.

Do not hesitate to ask our staff members for another card. The spent amount from the previous card will be added to your bill.

No, the cards are only meant for the wine dispensers.

No, after you have finished enjoying your time at our bar, the card must be given back in order for us to add the spent amount to your bill.