Client card

Client Card

All the client cards that are given out in Easy Wine also can be used in Easy Beer and the other way around.
All the client card owners are also participants in the bonus program.
Every time when making a payment, money bonuses are being collected on the card and afterwards, you can use the bonuses to pay in our bars as it were real money.
At the beginning phase – 5% of the receipt amount is put on the card as bonuses. When the sum of all the receipts reaches 300 euro, the bonus automatically grows to 7% and when the sum is 500 euro – to 10% of every receipt.
The information about bonuses that have been collected on the card will be provided by the staff members, when requested.
In addition to the bonus program, client card owners also get special discounts and offers.

How to acquire a client card?
To become a participant in our bonus program, you simply have to fill in the form – either in the bar or here at our homepage.
Cards are being handed out in the bar.
We keep the right to change the guidelines of our bonus program at any time, by making the changes public on our homepage and sending them out in the form of an e-mail to all the participants before making the changes.

The client cards become active within 24 hours after filling the form.
The collected bonuses will not be handed out in the form of money.